Good Morning, Y’all,

Getting back into the groove — weight was 271.6 lbs — I hoped for more but as long as I doing the right things, the weight will fall off.

My mood is getting better and physically I am getting back to normal on a WFPB diet.

Tuesday 271.6 7/27/21


Walk — 30m

TC — 30m

Extra — 10m

Arms x 3

Legs x 3

Antabuse — yes

Food plan

Hummus toast x 2

USM power toast/banana x 2

Steamed cabbage — big bowl

Lentil soup — Amy’s low sodium

Air popped popcorn

I plodded through the exercise, slow and steady — I really need to look for some more interesting things to watch while exercising. Right now, I am focusing on some business courses so I feel like I am knocking out more than one thing with the time spent but I have heard some of it before so not as exciting.

All in all, a good productive day.


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