Good Morning, Y’all,

Weight this am was 268.6 — first weight below 269.9 lbs so per my deal with Carly, I can have a planned detour.

I have already decided and discussed with Carly that the next one will be either 30 days after this weekend or when I am below 250.0.

Saturday 268.6 7/24/21


Walk — 30m

Antabuse — No

Food plan

Hummus toast x 1

PB toast x 1


Vodka/OJ/Diet tonic


Chips — Sour Cream and Cheese Ruffles

Pizza — a meatless Meat Lover’s pizza by Diaya

Cookie — from the grocery store

Sunday 268.6 7/25/21

Exercise — None

Antabuse — no

Food plan

Homemade bread

Soy Sausage



Quesadilla — Tofu/bean/rice

1/2 burrito — — Tofu/bean/rice

Cookie — the rest of the one from the grocery

Tomorrow, I will be back on plan.


My name is Rebecca Denson. I’m 54 years old and ready to change my life. Follow along with daily blogs.

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