Blog 7/14/21

I know, it’s been awhile and yes, I fell off the wagon as far as eating goes but this is why I say “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.” The only way to fail is to not get up again after you fall. So, I got up again and moved forward.

I was able to keep about 10 pounds off — so that was good. Kinda restarting at 281ish lbs.

I find that when I get knocked off track, I usually add some tools to my armamentarium to help me along the rest of the journey.

This time it is a personal trainer — someone that I have for accountability and exercise. I know that I am blogging and doing videos, as well, for accountability but y’all aren’t hunting me down if fail to post for a day or two. At least, not yet.

And not just any personal trainer. I loved the movie Unsupersize Me. It was set in Gainesville where I did my Anesthesiology residency and Fellowship and so I have a kinship with it, mores than just being morbidly overweight. The movie follows Tracy over the period of a year where she loses 200 pounds with exercise and a whole foods, plant based diet — that’s it. No surgery, no pills, no gimmicks.

So, I got Carly Asse, the personal trainer from the documentary (and maker of the movie) as my virtual personal trainer.

It is for accountability and exercise.

I had my first call with him and we talked exercise and food — and Gainesville, of course, so many things have changed in the last 20 yrs.

Since, I am already familiar with the whole foods plant-based diet and lifestyle from Unsupersize me, Forks over Knives, PlantPure Nation and so on and so on, the food part was not that long.

Obviously, there is no milk, daily, meat or animal products.

But, there is the 80/20 rule where 80% of your food is going to come from fruit, veggies, beans, starchy veggies and tofu. Minimally processed if any at all.

The 20% is going to come from higher fat or processed items such as nuts, nut butters (Nuts are preferable to butters) and avocados.

Avoid fake meat and cheese products as much as you can — not only are they processed but most are higher in fat and calories.

Water, because you get so much water in the fruits and veggies that you eat, is not as much of an issue so I have stopped tracking that for now.

We assessed my exercise capacity — this would have been easier if it were in person and not virtual but I was honest. In the movie and his subsequent course, he advocates for cardio, one hour, six days a week and resistance exercises, which he demonstrates, the same amount. This sounds incredibly daunting but I was willing to try it. I told him about the recent injures to my left knee and right ankle and my fear of starting too fast with the possibility of reinjury doing more harm than good.

We started with 35 minutes of walking for exercise per day in addition to my doggie walking. At my speed but for 35 minutes and so far, I have gotten farther in the same amount of time. Still out of breath a little. Audible is a great motivator when you are in a series of cozy mysteries that you love.

The resistance exercises, we started at one round of the three that you would typically do. There is an arm one and a legs one. Back and abs are included with the legs set. Also, tough but doable.

Continuing to move forward on this yearlong (or more) journey.

My name is Rebecca Denson. I’m 54 years old and ready to change my life. Follow along with daily blogs.