Blog 7/15/21

Cool, so a couple of pounds off this morning. Kinda expected but still great.

So, I just had my 55th birthday a couple of weeks ago. And I don’t know if you are like me but I always plan to give myself a few presents around that time. Since I have been focusing more on health this year, I decided that they would be in that area.

So first and foremost — I want 30 days of focus on the weight loss plan and activities. Dreams are great. Goals are even better. But neither one comes about if you don’t have a plan and follow that plan.

So for the next 30 days, I am planning on focusing on food planning, food prep and exercise. If those things are done and nothing else — it will be a win for the day. This will help learn muscle and mental memory so it will be easier to continue. It will prove what I can do if I set my mind to it and stop sabotaging myself.

Next on the gifts to myself — 30 days of following a productive schedule. I think this will come after the 30 day focused on my weight loss. Otherwise, it might be too much to prioritize and might get too stressful. I have lot’s of goals and plans but they will take time. Time away from social media (Youtube is like candy to me) and Netflix (Lucifer, anyone). Except, of course, as a reward or while I am exercising.

And, finally, it is getting just too hot and humid in the South to exercise at a reasonable hour outside. So, I got a treadmill for inside. Since, I use the tread climber almost daily, I know it will not be a clothes hanger.

All things to help me along with my plans for the year.

My name is Rebecca Denson. I’m 54 years old and ready to change my life. Follow along with daily blogs.